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Information for Parent Infant Mental Health Service Development

This section of our toolkit is designed to share learning, information and advice to Managers and Commissioners who would like to set up, improve on or expand parent infant mental health services in their area.  

The content of this toolkit was created by the Parent Infant Foundation, who are a nationally recognised charity leading the cause for infant mental health services across the UK. 

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Please click on the image above for access to the PIPUK Toolkit


Please click on the image above for access to the AIMH Competency Framework 

AIMH Website

'Competencies are the skills, knowledge and behaviours that enable practitioners to deliver high-quality care and the continuous improvement of services.


This competency framework has been developed for all staff working with infants and their parent/s/caregivers from pregnancy to the second year of life, to support parent/s/caregiver to promote healthy infant development. It is informed by research, theory and evidence-based practice, and designed to raise standards of care for families by supporting all staff to optimize their learning and skills.

This will help to ensure the workforce is suitably skilled to identify need and deliver care to parent/s/caregiver who is pregnant or have a baby, and to both promote the mental health of the baby and provide access to appropriate evidence-based treatment where there are problems, as outlined in the Healthy Child Programme.'

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