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Building Bonds

Building Bonds is a team of passionate, dedicated, ‘real people’ and professionals who are committed to making a difference and going above and beyond to support families, professionals and organisations to build good bonds and attachment relationships at the earliest opportunity.  

Building Bonds offers specialist Attachment Based Support/Interventions, Consultation and Specialist Training Programmes to professionals and organisations across the UK.  Due to the service's groundbreaking outcomes achieved to date, its drive for Innovation and Transformation – Building Bonds has become recognised nationally for its model, support to families, and Specialist Training Programmes.

Dr. Lisa Marsland


Dr. Lisa Marsland is the Service Lead for Building Bonds and an NHS Parent Infant Mental Health Service.  Lisa is a leading expert and specialist in the field of Attachment, Relationships, Early Intervention, Parent Infant Mental Health and supporting Looked After Children and vulnerable families in the community. 

Lisa's Mantra is "Relationships are Everything!".  Lisa and her team are 100% dedicated to the cause of supporting families to build good secure bonds, attachment relationships and mental health via an ‘easy to engage’ relationship-based service which can families during their times of need.  In addition to her clinical and strategic work, Lisa is passionate about highlighting the significant need for this support/provision for families and the huge gaps in service provision, training, knowledge and capacity in the field.​

Lisa and the rest of the Building Bonds team offer specialist, therapeutic support to families, professionals and organisations across the UK who are interested and invested in working preventatively alongside us to build bonds and break cycles.

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