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Relationships are Everything!

Building Bonds is an Attachment-Based Therapeutic Service which supports families (Adults, Parents, Children, Infants) and Professionals to build good secure bonds and relationships throughout the life span. We believe that Early Intervention and Prevention is key! Thus, we offer therapeutic intervention to prevent relationships breaking down and offer support to repair/build back positive/secure attachments. We know that children and adults who have positive and secure attachments, have good mental health, well-being and happier relationships in life.

In Building Bonds we are 100% passionate and committed to supporting families, professionals and organisations to build 'good bonds and break negative life cycles' and see the life-changing benefits that can be offered by this specialist, therapeutic support.

‘Probably the most important period in everyone’s life is the one that they do not remember (Balbernie, 2009)’


Building Bonds offers therapeutic support to parents and infants in need of relationship-based support and interventions in the antenatal and postnatal period, in order to help build a good bonds and relationships and to support both parent and infant mental health during this difficult period.


Building Bonds provides tailored attachment based assessments, therapy/interventions and support to families in the community. We also offer a wide range of attachment based support/interventions to Looked After Children and their their Caregivers (Foster Carers, Adoptive Parents and Professionals) and professional systems (Local Authority, Youth Justice, Probation, CAMHS).


We believe that the best way of creating change, positivity, social movement and innovative practice is by building skills and capacity in the workforce. We offer specialist training, consultation and supervision to individuals and organisations who want to build their capacity, knowledge and resources to support families to ‘build good bonds and break negative cycles’.

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